Fact Sheet 1
Assessing Compressed Air Needs

Fact Sheet 2
Inappropriate Uses of Compressed Air
Fact Sheet 3
Compressed Air System Audits
Fact Sheet 4
Pressure Drop & Controlling System Pressure
Fact Sheet 5
Maint. of CA Systems for Peak Performance
Fact Sheet 6
Compressed Air System Controls
Fact Sheet 7
Compressed Air System Leaks
Fact Sheet 8
Packaged Compressor Efficiency Ratings
Fact Sheet 9
Compressed Air System Economics
Fact Sheet 10
Heat Recovery with Compressed Air Systems
Fact Sheet 11
Proven opportunities at the Component Level

Compressed Air Web Reference Library

Filter and Dryer manufacturer, Domnick Hunter has a glossary published on their website.  Main topics are filtration and drying of compressed air, as well as specific and in-depth tables for a compressed air system designer.  A link can be found here.

Hankison International published very general Q&A on drying and filtering compressed air.  Equipment sizing information is also avaliable.  Link is here.

Gardner Denver published a brochure detailing the construction of a Rotary Screw compressor, and how each component effects reliability and energy consumption.  Here.

Compressed Air Challenge

The Compressed Air Challenge offers documents on all aspects of system performance.  A partial listing of their "Fact Sheets" is below.  Visit www.compressedairchallenge.org for product neutral system guidelines.