Energy Audits

Power Supply Industries' Air Survey Division provides a complete study reviewing the entire compressed air system as illustrated in the list below. In our surveys, we focus on providing a comprehensive flow test for the compressed air system with complete review of the generation equipment and distribution system to provide as much information as possible on improving the efficiency of your compressed air system and help in the reduction of your monthly electric bill.

  • Provide an accurate flow, pressure, and power measurement (7 days) of the air generated to determine a base line for improvements.
  • Provide accurate flow measurements (24 hours) at various points in the plant to determine usage of various heavy users.
  • Identify leakage and waste of compressed air, assign a cost to this waste and provide solutions for reduction of this waste.
  • Determine the actual static versus dynamic pressure in the plant to determine the lowest possible working pressure.
  • Review piping layout and provide frictional loss information to determine the cost benefit of improvements if necessary.
  • Analyze the existing compressor controls and backup capabilities and provide a detailed report outlining improvements and recommendations.
  • Review of the existing compressed air generation equipment to determine any inefficiencies or any backup equipment required.
  • Provide ultrasonic leak testing for the entire facility to determine leakage in Cubic Feet Per Minute and translate that to dollars per year in waste.

Airmaster + Qualified Specialists

Power Supply Industries employs and utilizes the specialties of three certified Airmaster+ Qualified Specialists – Jim Timmersman, Scott Bertelsmeyer and Gary Goodman. This certification insures knowledgeable, experienced, and calculated recommendations scientifically based from an individual’s compressed air usage and requirements.

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